Meet the explorers - Marcia

We're a growing team of explorers at Bournemouth Scene. We're very excited to introduce to you our new fellow explorer - Marcia Moody!

Marcia is going to be exploring Poole to report on the exciting things going on in the wider BH postcodes.

Daisy went and had coffee with Marcia to find out a bit more about her love of Bournemouth and Poole. Here's how the conversation went!

DC: Hi Marcia!

MM: Why hello!

DC: So, let's cut to the chase, what inspired you to be a Bournemouth Scene Explorer?

MM: I'm fairly new to the area, and I'm really enjoying doing some exploring, and making new friends. I love sharing information and stories, and I love hearing about other people's experiences, so when I came across Bournemouth Scene it was a bit of a eureka moment. I wanted to be a part of it!

DC: That's wonderful to hear! So now your in the best town in the world, how do you spend your time?

MM: Well I seem to spend quite a lot of time on the M1 and M2… It's a shame More Bus doesn't do Nectar points. I go between Poole (where I live, row in the sea, walk on the beach and occasionally get to bagsy the sofa by the fire at the Jazz Cafe), Ashley Cross (Camden Bar do good Old Fashioneds), Westbourne (I've twice won third-place cheese at Renoufs quiz night) and Bournemouth (for exploring, live music and carousing.)

DC: Ahhh the M1 and M2, I'm sure we've all spent a significant amount of time on those buses!.What have been your favourite finds whilst exploring so far?

MM: There's the open air theatre on Brownsea Island. I've experienced al fresco performances in a few different locations, but when you get to travel there and back by boat, it definitely makes the evening feel a bit more special. It's As You Like It this year between 26th July and 11th August.

DC: As You Like It is on the top of my summer activities to-do list! What about another favourite?

MM: Definitely out of season gatherings at the public BBQ pits on Sandbanks beach. The billionaires are never there, so bring charcoal, sausages and wine, bring rounders, and you can pretend it's all yours.

DC: And one more favourite for luck?

MM: Mary Shelley's grave. Frankenstein is one of my favourite books - there aren't many stories out there that are spine-tingling, moving, thought-provoking AND inspire Halloween outfits around the world 200 years later - so I was pretty excited to discover that the author was laid to rest in St Peter's Church in Bournemouth.

DC: What an excellent collection of finds! We're looking forward to seeing what else you uncover!

MM: Me too!

Thanks Marcia! Keep an eye on the Bournemouth Scene Blog to see what Marcia gets up to!

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