Coffee & Dice - Bournemouth's first Board Games Cafe!

Picture the scene. Two adults stacking tiny wooden animals on top of each other (animal on animal, not animal on adult) in a bustling coffee shop, both trying (and failing) to not knock the table and send all animals scattered under the feet of the waiting staff…

Sat opposite me, trying to rest a butterfly on top of a turtle, is Jessica Hancock. She's brains behind Bournemouth’s new board game cafe Coffee & Dice. She had brought round a game of Tier Auf Tier (a German game, literally translated as Animal On Animal) for us to play whilst chatting about her exciting new business venture.

Formerly an events manager for the RNLI, Jessica has left the 9-5 and spent the last year developing Coffee & Dice. Her and her business partner Marc, have been taking board game conventions by storm, teaching new and old gamers how to play their vast collection of games.

“The thing I love is teaching people how to play games. There are so many amazing games out there that are a perfect way for people to connect and have a great time together.”

Their new space is going to be perfect for that. The Coffee & Dice Cafe will be opening on Christchurch Road, Pokesdown, in March 2017.

Here’s what the cafe looks like now.

Expect a from-scratch custom build!

Jessica & Marc’s vision for the cafe is for it to be a fully accessible space for people of all ages and backgrounds to gather and learn how to play new games together.

You can pop in for just coffee and locally sourced treats or you can pay £4 to spend hours playing one of their 500+ games. Your £4 gets you dedicated time with one of the Coffee & Dice board games experts, they will teach you how to play whichever games you would like to play - which will save you A LOT of time reading through instructions. Money very well spent.

Everything is all set for March. They have a kick starter campaign to fund the special extras that will make the cafe go from ‘brilliant’ to ‘perfect’. You can help them hit their target of £10,000 here. You can watch this video to learn more about why they are crowd funding:

Excited? We know we are!

If you can’t wait until they open, why not check out some of Jessica’s board games recommendations. It might help with a Christmas present idea or two!

Top Board Game Recommendations, from Jessica:

  • "If your at entry level board game playing then I would absolutely recommend Ticket to Ride. (and so would I, it’s great fun!) “It’s competitive but not aggressively so, you shouldn’t end up flipping the table in a rage towards the end - unlike monopoly!"

  • "My favourite games are the ones that require a bit of cunning; bluffing games like Resistance or Avalon are perfect if you want a bit of deception in your evening."

  • "Librium is a different kind of game all together. It’s a bit like Jenga but with a deck of cards. It’s a great dexterity game, and it gets a whole lot harder when you’ve had a pint or two."

That should keep you busy till they open!

Keep an eye out for the Coffee & Dice sign going up on Christchurch Road, Pokesdown in March 2017, and in the mean time stay updated on their website, facebook and kickstarter campaign.

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