Escape Room in Bournemouth

I'm not going to lie. I'm not sure how to tell you about The Escape Room in Bournemouth. How do you share your experience of a place that is made excellent by entering with no knowledge of what to expect?

You might have heard of escape rooms before. It's quite self explanatory: you have to escape a room. But there's more. There is a story line you're swept up in - the mystery of the Mirror Land - and you have to uncover the missing artefact, solve the mystery and generally use your cunning to get out of this room. You have to do all this within an hour.

Escape Rooms first rose to popularity in Budapest and have slowly swept the rest of Europe. Many people have been on holidays where their main aim is to try a new escape room in an obscure city or town in a random European country.

Steve and Lizzie are no exception.

Steve and Lizzie (the brains behind this downright genius Bournemouth based escape room) fell in love with Escape Rooms and after testing a few (ok, quite a lot) and decided to bring this unique activity to Bournemouth. They have worked for 8 months to create an experience that will, with every turn, make you feel like you're in a place that merges the worlds of Harry Potter, Sherlock and Crystal Maze's Industrial Zone. It's incredible how they have, from scratch, built a space that makes you completely forget that you're in a normal shop unit.

Here are some of the things we did in the Escape Room that we're pretty sure you will do too:

1) Communicate nothing for a while, realise your getting nowhere and then communicate everything all at once.

2) Pick up a random implement and put it down again, thinking it's nothing. You then find out it's everything.

3) Turn every knob, flick every switch and open every draw. Twice.

4) Waste 15 minutes on one particular line of enquiry - not finding the answer. When you do find it, it will be bleeding obvious.

5) Gasp and do "flappy hands" at every 'reveal'.

Escape Room Bournemouth, on Holdenhurst Road, is open and taking bookings for groups of 2-6 people at £25 per person. You're going to have to book ahead because it's causing quite a storm!

When you do then let us know and show us your MARVO Operative badge!

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