Bournemouth's lifesize indoor model village

Me and Michael were in the West Howe Industrial estate visiting a few projects when we were told,

“Did you know there's a life sized model village around the corner?”

To which our response was,

“Sorry, the what?”

You don't expect to hear of such things, and definitely not on an industrial estate.

Well… we got excited and went hunting. And we found it.

Nestled in between your classic industrial park businesses we found an unassuming warehouse labeled “StreetWise”.

We rang the door bell and asked the lovely lady in the office if we could pop in and have a nose around. I was surprised when she said yes and only had a few moments to compose myself before strolling into…


Yes thats a train.

And yes, that’s a train station.

Pretty impressive huh? In total their space includes:

* deep breath *

A fully operational two story house.

A highstreet.

Roads with traffic lights.

A beach.

A pub.

A building site.

A farmyard.

An electricity substation.


A railway station and track

Oh and they have a helicopter in the classroom.

Of course they do.

So what’s StreetWise and why do they have a life-sized model village inside a warehouse on the West Howe Industrial Estate?

Well, we’ll tell you.

StreetWise is a safety education charity that trains all sorts of people (mostly children and voluntary groups) to stay safe at home and on the street. They also host the traffic awareness course for those people who like to drive one or two mph over the speed limit… but of course you lot wouldn’t know that.

They’re a charity and all the people who give safety tours are volunteers. They’re a pretty special bunch.

The biggie for me is that they are also up for hosting events and you can hire out the whole space if you want to.

So what kind of thing should we host in this magical warehouse of wonders?

Hit me with your best ideas!

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