A cafe that's a bit Obscura

Everyone knows the cafe in Bournemouth Square. There’s always a number of people drinking coffee/beer/wine and watching the world go by, come rain or shine.

What most people don’t seem to know is that there is more to the Obscura Cafe than meets the eye. That funny box on top of the sloppy roof? They haven’t forgot to put a clock on the blank side. It’s a Camera Obscura.

And here’s us thinking that the name was a bizarre choice that gave an insight to the owners character!

What’s a Camera Obscura, we hear you cry. Well. It’s a lensless camera. In certain conditions, when light passes through a hole it projects a coloured moving image of what’s on the other side. Why does it do that? Because science.

There's the hole.

This effectively kicked off the experimentation that lead to us having cameras. In around 400BC Mozi (a chinese philosopher) made the first written account of light passing through a small hole in a darkened room produced an image, an image that MOVED. Aristotle made not of the same thing a little while later (350BC). A little bit later Ibn al Haytham (an arab Physicist) invented a devise to create the phenomena whenever he desired it. And slowly but surely, over the course of 2000 years, the camera was developed!

The Camera Obscura is pretty cool. Even as people who have moving images pretty much everywhere it’s impossible not to go WOAH when you see a perfect film of your surroundings projected onto a table, just using a hole.

You can see the effects yourself. The Camera Obscura is not widely advertised (we don’t know why) but if you ask at the bar someone will take you up for a private viewing. You could even strategically place some mates in the gardens to act out… well what ever you find entertaining.

Maybe if more of us go and request a viewing Obscura cafe might clock that there’s an interested audience for whom they can make the space available more often… We shall see!

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