Pivoting on the lower left hand corner of The Triangle lays The Expresso Kitchen, a small and fiercely independent coffee house the size of a large chest of drawers. Inside it flickers with the jovial glow of draped fairy lights against walls papered with the tanned newspaper of yesteryear resonating an age long since passed, the oldest piece of tabloid print dating way back to 1919.

Hanging from the walls are colanders as shimmering decorations that glint underneath a low resting ceiling lined w...

Not long after my arrival to Bournemouth, when enquiring about alternative dining options for vegetarians, vegans and those just looking for a warm enclave to while away the hours, I kept on hearing mention of a certain green gourd of questionable sanity. I was thankfully relieved to find that it was in fact one of the town’s most frequented and beloved all-Vegan café/bistro; The Mad Cucumber.  

Owned and run by Ewelina and Kamial Obrebska/Obreski, the couple have been steadily developing a loyal...

September 22, 2017

At one point in every sensible and conscientious person’s life come those essential questions; have I ever commandeered a merchant vessel, pillaging it for its cargo? When will come my time to read Bakunin and tear through the streets in my anarchist black and red? Thankfully, if you’re in need of that little extra push into your new anarco-pirate personal life choices, then you need look no further than The Firkin Shed on Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth’s very own hidden gem of a pirate galley/mi...

What do you think when you hear the words ping pong? 

If you're anything like me, it will be a) recalling memories of discovering a dilapidated table on some weekend away, and having a half-hearted attempt with a paddle in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Or b) becoming slightly hypnotised by it during the Olympics in the middle of the night when a touch of insomnia strikes. 

However… since last summer The Pop-up Ping Pong Parlour has been operating from The Dolphin Centre, Poole, and it...

If you have been down to Churchill Gardens, Boscombe, in the last 2 years you may well have encountered some Pop Up Joy. 

The Joy Cafe, a pop up cafe that makes its home outside the Churchill Gardens youth hut, is now a frequent feature of the residential park and it really is bringing a smile to peoples faces. Founder Becky and her volunteers are out there rain or shine, and they together spend their time selling home made cakes, drinks and join in with the kids splashing in puddles (if it’s rai...

December 11, 2016

Bournemouth Scene's Daisy meets Jessica from Coffee & Dice, to chat Board Games, Christmas Gift Ideas and Bournemouth's first ever Board Games Cafe.

November 15, 2016

I'm not going to lie. I'm not sure how to tell you about The Escape Room in Bournemouth. How do you share your experience of a place that is made excellent by entering with no knowledge of what to expect?

You might have heard of escape rooms before. It's quite self explanatory: you have to escape a room. But there's more. There is a story line you're swept up in - the mystery of the Mirror Land - and you have to uncover the missing artefact, solve the mystery and generally use your cunning to get...

November 2, 2016


Me and Michael were in the West Howe Industrial estate visiting a few projects when we were told,

“Did you know there's a life sized model village around the corner?”

To which our response was,

“Sorry, the what?”

You don't expect to hear of such things, and definitely not on an industrial estate. 

Well… we got excited and went hunting. And we found it.

Nestled in between your classic industrial park businesses we found an unassuming warehouse labeled “StreetWise”.

We rang the door bell and asked...

October 12, 2016

Everyone knows the cafe in Bournemouth Square. There’s always a number of people drinking coffee/beer/wine and watching the world go by, come rain or shine. 

What most people don’t seem to know is that there is more to the Obscura Cafe than meets the eye. That funny box on top of the sloppy roof? They haven’t forgot to put a clock on the blank side. It’s  a Camera Obscura.

And here’s us thinking that the name was a bizarre choice that gave an insight to the owners character! 

What’s a Cam...

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